To Be Alive and Forget This

Nick Kline & Jean-François Bérubé. 2014, published by Occurrence Contemporary Art, Montreal, QC, Canada

Synopsis: To Be Alive and Forget This is a visual conversation between Kline and Bérubé. Double sided, Kline’s photographs of textured and patterned rubber silicone castings from cut trees meet Bérubé’s portraits of people. Both series were created in the village of Causapscal, Quebec, Canada, though known for its world-class salmon fishing, it has another distinction: historically high rates of self-inflicted death. The rotation of the book structure as well as experiments with balance and centering, attempts to exemplify the turbulent struggle of many who survive the loss of loved ones who committed suicide.

Pages: 24 p. 

16.5 x 11 in.

Cover: Paperback (newsprint)

Binding: folded

Process: offset-printed
Edition 200

Signed and numbered
Graphic Design Chantal Fischzang