Features ten images of one man’s collection of button down shirts. Numerous “blue-collar” uniforms worn for his jobs specializing in elevator maintenance, the name “Walter” is embroidered on each shirt, as well as that of his employer, such as “NJ Natural Gas.” In the center of the book is a text reproduction of a conversation between the author and Walters’ niece who describes his childhood of being abused and resulting life-long emotional challenges. Each shirt is carefully and uniquely reproduced in duo-tone, the subdued colors mixed with black convey a sense of life and loss. The book is an abstract portrait that empathetically positions itself from the perspective of a trauma survivor.

Pages: 30
Dimensions (Height x Width): 10 x 8 in.

Cover: Paperback

Binding: perfect
Process: Risograph
Edition signed & numbered 100 + 10 AP
ISBN: 978-0-9864181-0-5